Availian blending the best of classic, melodic, and progressive metal into a unique and unforgettable sound. With soaring guitar riffs and thunderous drums, our melodic metal roots bring a sense of melody and harmony to our music, while our classic metal influences give us a raw, powerful edge. But we don’t stop there – our progressive metal side takes us on a journey through complex rhythms, intricate time signatures, and experimental sounds, pushing the boundaries of what metal can be. Drawing inspiration from classical, and symphonic music, we create a sound that is both cerebral and aggressive, taking listeners on a journey through the unknown. So come join us on this epic adventure, as we explore the depths of metal and beyond.

Availian is a melodic metal band that draws inspiration from the rich history of classic, progressive, and modern Rock & Metal. Their music is characterized by intricate instrumentation, poetic lyrics, and a focus on creating music for the Rock & Metal Community. The band’s influences range from Metal Bands like Queensr├┐che or Evergrey to contemporary classic Metal Bands like Iron Maiden. Availian’s sound is a fusion of these influences, resulting in a unique blend of classic and modern Metal. The band’s music is characterized by complex rhythms, soaring melodies, and intricate guitar work, all of which are anchored by a powerful rhythm section. Availian’s music is a testament to the enduring power of melodic Metal and the band is sure to appeal to fans of the genre and metal fans alike.