The idea to form the band “Availian” didn’t just come up last year, but already in 2014. At that time, after the death of my wife, I took almost a year off from my job and tried to write my sorrow off my chest and put it into song lyrics. Thanks to my good friend Yannik (bass player), who was a great help and spiritual support to me during this time, we made a lot of music and I spent nights in front of the recording PC. After the songs were finished I contacted the canadian singer “Nathan Nasby” via the web portal “Musicians for hire”. Nathan then contributed the vocals tracks and so we already had a somewhat more representative demo material to go with it on “musician search”. For the job as drummer I could win “Marc Dzierzon”, who is an incredibly talented and professional drummer. Marc should be known in the scene as a session drummer by now for his collaboration with Almanac, Dew-Scented, Centaurus-A, Driven by Entropy, ArschlochKind, Malus D’ Eris, Lelahell, Solaced, Backfired.Hate, Dora Zeppelin, among others. Furthermore, with “Tim Zahn” a great singer was found for the planned album production. Tim was in the past singer of the bands “Dragonsfire”, “Elvenpath”, “Irony” and is currently bassist with “Visionatica”.

The studio appointment – “It probably wasn’t meant to be!”

At that time I really thought I had hit the jackpot in terms of fellow musicians and we would record a great album together in the studio. So I contacted Thorsten Sauerbrey from Metal Sound Studio in Osterode and paid a deposit for 10 studio days. Unfortunately, Marc canceled a few days before the actual studio date, because he went on tour with the band Centaura-A. Result, deposit gone and stress with Thorsten Sauerbrey. Looking back, I could have somehow pulled it off even without a drummer, but at that point I hadn’t really come to terms with the death of my wife and I just reacted too emotionally to the situation and threw everything away. I sold all my music equipment and didn’t want to know anything about “making music” and “getting a band going” for a long time. But music is everything to me and I just can’t help but express myself through music

The Meaning of “Availian”

I have derived the English word “to avail” which stands for me for “to be available” or “helping”, and take “avail” with “ian” at the end (Availian). “Availian” can be in my imagination a single person, a group or movement which is oriented to altruism and acts accordingly. Altruism (Latin alter ‘the other’) means in the everyday language “unselfishness, selflessness, by consideration for others characterized way of thinking and acting”.

I personally believe very strongly that our actions, positive or negative (destructiv) sooner or later, fall back on us like a boomerang. I have had this experience many times in my life. My deceased wife has always said “What goes around comes around” ! Therefore, I strive every day to bring more positive than negative in my environment. coz if I am helpful and do good things then good things come into my life too.