Hey Folks,
please understand that we don’t publish complete preproduced Songs just some raw version of the songs before the final release date of the album. This would possibly dampen the anticipation for the whole album or destroy the surprise. We are working hard on the pre-production of the album and I have enough lyrics and rough versions of songs for two albums. Actual we have six songs ready and still three songs to go. To give you at least a little taste, here are some short video clips

Final Days

Dear friends,
until our debut album hopefully comes out in mid-July
I’m working hard on new songs for Availian’s second album.
Here is a rough version of the song “Final Days” as a playthrough !

A Journey through a Song called “Break the Silence”

Excerpt from the lyrics

break the chains of silence

(Verse 1)
shadows in the halls, where power held so high,
our society divided, under a dark watchful eye.
someone pull the strings, control the game we play,
But we’ll never be slaves, we’ll find another way.

In the streets we’ll rise, million voices unified,
Breaking down the baricades that seek us to divide.
No more silent whispers, no more blind compliant,
coze it’s a struggle for freedom of all mankind.

Oh, break the chains of silence, let the people sing,
A chorus of defiance, let the freedom ring.
In the face of oppression, we’ll stand side by side,
don’t let them win, get ready for the fight,

Short Inside of the Songidee “Eternal

Rough Version of “I know”

To take you along a bit while we are busy with our studio recordings and all kinds of other things, I would like to present you a new rough version of a new song with the title “I know”. So that the whole thing doesn’t come across as boring, I’ve put together a few video sequences of our musical activities in the home studio or in the recording studio. I hope you like it !

The place where songs are made !

“Availian” is my “way of life” !

The Vision & Goal always in sight

Of course it is a matter of the heart for me to write (hopefully) great songs and to present them with like-minded fellow musicians to a wide audience. Furthermore my wish to produce the first album of the band “Availian” will come true. But much more important to me is everything that is connected with it. By this I mean that over time a good and stable friendship develops from a fleeting acquaintance of like-minded musicians, which lasts and is cultivated beyond the actual interest. When I attend a concert of a band, I intuitively feel whether the band harmonizes and the band members are fully committed and emotional. You can feel it somehow in the atmosphere and the intensity of the music and the interplay. And if the band forms a unity, then this mood is usually transferred to the listener at a concert, which leads to a great concert experience. But maybe I’m just imagining it. In any case, I am grateful that we are moving in a positive direction, both humanly and musically. I am convinced that we will also prove this at live concerts in the second half of 2024.

Kind Regards
Mit musikalischem Gruß